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United School District

Flexible Instructional Days - Thursday, October 28th and Friday, October 29th

Unfortunately, there are a number of positive cases, a number of quarantines, and a number of student absences that are affecting both of our schools, at the current time. We have reached a point where a decision has been made to use Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs) for tomorrow, Thursday, October 28th, and Friday, October 29th.
By using these remote FIDs, we can continue with instruction for our students, and we can do a deep cleaning of the buildings. More importantly, these additional days at home will also permit students to be safe when home and not around those who may potentially bring the virus into the school. Let's hope that students stay at home and are not out and about near those who may be carrying and/or spreading the disease.
Halloween activities are re-scheduled for Monday, November 1st, also recognized as Dia de los Muertos.