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United Cyber Academy » Cyber Grades K-4

Cyber Grades K-4

United Cyber Academy Program Overview: Grades K-4
United Cyber Academy students use the same approved curriculum that students use in traditional classes. This is an important component since our school is among the best in the region. A team of dedicated teachers and staff will support your student to succeed. Unlike some other virtual schools our teachers are available to meet with you face-to-face to provide help, directions, and encouragement. They are also only an email message or phone call away.
The United Cyber Academy gives families the option to enroll their child in some cyber classes or design their entire schedule with cyber classes. Parents can choose to have their child attend part of the day in traditional classes or take all of their classes online. Additionally, students can work on their online courses at school or at home.
The elementary school program includes online learning with real world experiences. Students will use pencil and paper activities to supplement what they are learning online along with experiences in the community as they explore the arts. 
Advantages of using United Cyber Academy include:
  • Scheduled small group activities allow cyber students to socialize with others and experience learning together
  • Students taking one or more cyber courses may work at school or at home
  • A cyber learning lab is available for students to drop by or attend regularly
  • Help is available via email, telephone, web-conference, or in-person at our schools or off campus