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Board Appreciation

January 2022 - School Directors Recognition


In honor of Pennsylvania school boards and their commitment to their students, schools, and communities, January is designated School Directors Recognition Month by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. 


It is my honor to recognize the United School District Board of Directors as those who are key players in making informed decisions that shape our schools and provide pathways of success for our students.  The dedication that our Directors show in serving on the Board demonstrates their commitment towards strengthening the future not only for our students, but also for all of us within the community. 


A school district is a multifaceted operation that requires the work of many people to ensure student achievement and success.  It is during the month of January that we thank our Board of Directors for the time that they put forth at monthly meetings, trainings outside of their regular duties, attendance at our schools' events, reading materials about educational trends and programs, and seeking innovative solutions to problems and issues specific to our District.


Thank you Eric Matava - President, Dan Henning - Vice President, James Fry - Treasurer, Donald Bowers, Jr., Aaron Conway, James McCloskey, Shaun McGinnis, Hunter Overdorff, and Mark Somers.  


Thank you for your time and dedication and for making the success of our student your priority.  You are truly preparing our students for!