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Board Appreciation

January 2021 - School Directors Recognition


In honor of Pennsylvania school boards and their commitment to their students, schools, and communities, January is designated School Directors Recognition Month by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. 


It is my honor to recognize the United School District Board of Directors as those who are key players in making informed decisions that shape our schools and provide pathways of success for our students.  The dedication that our Directors show in serving on the Board demonstrates their commitment towards strengthening the future not only for our students, but also for all of us within the community. 


On top of adopting policies, approving budgets, evaluating school security measures, and hiring faculty and staff, the coronavirus pandemic has provided our Directors with a significant, added challenge during 2020 and continuing into our new year.  In strengthening the future for our students, determinations on how to best provide for the needs of the students and families in this new environment needed to be undertaken. 


These Directors weighed many possible scenarios this past year, and they will continue to consider many others during 2021.  We appreciate and thank those Directors who are giving back to the community and contributing to public education through their countless hours of unpaid service.  During this month of January 2021, please take the time to thank our Directors for their efforts in providing the many opportunities for the success of each and every United School District student and for the continued success of our community.  As a small token of appreciation, each member has been presented with a certificate of appreciation and gratitude for all of the work they do in making United School District a great place to learn.