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United School District

Superintendent's Office » Mission, Vision, Shared Values

Mission, Vision, Shared Values

The United Community, preparing our students for!

In partnership with our community, we seek to provide a high-quality and meaningful education, which prepares all students to be contributors in an ever-changing, diverse community and global society.

Shared Values
We believe that:
1. All students should have the opportunity to learn in a safe, secure and caring environment that is equipped with appropriate resources.
2. All students can achieve success in school when their learning experience is meaningful, relevant, challenging, and supports their unique interests and goals.
3. On-going professional development and collaboration are essential for the enhancement of the learning process.
4. Educators should demonstrate all aspects of professionalism and follow the Educator's Code of Ethics.
5. Effective education is the shared responsibility of our students, parents/guardians, educators, and community.

Superintendent's Goals:

1. Implement the United School District Board of Directors Goals within my framework for student success

2. Access and use appropriate data to inform decision-making within a standards-based reform system leading to increased student achievement

3. Provide appropriate resources in order to create a culture of teaching and, especially, learning
a. Students - for example, appropriate staff, resources and materials, textbooks, technology, safety, wellness, etc.
b. Staff - for example, through professional development, participation within PLCs, discourse at faculty meetings, membership on and communication at Building-level and District-wide committees

4. Collaborate, communicate, engage, and empower others to pursue excellence
Creating "trainers" within our own staff so that increased professional development will be provided by others (other than the superintendent, administrator, outside "expert") in order to build capacity within the District
a. Superintendent will share best practices, implementation models, and data trends with administrators
b. Administrators will share best practices, implementation models, and data trends with staff
c. Staff members will share best practices, implementation models, and data trends with each other and with students
d. Students should be encouraged to be leaders through programs such as Robotics, Future Business Leaders of America, Student Council, Athletics, Music, and others in addition to their regular studies
e. Families and community members will participate in school matters in an effort to develop school-community readiness so as to enlarge our circle of influence and share as leaders within the school community

5. Operate with dignity and support growth of self
a. Professionally - attendance at conferences, workshops, trainings, webcasts, podcasts, conference calls, as well as the reading of books, journals, white papers, newsletters, etc, in order to be an informed educator.
b. Personally - participate in activities that support my well-being and expand my interests