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United School District

Broadband Internet Survey

The United Community: Working Together for a Strong Future

 April 22, 2020


Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are asking you to complete a survey regarding the broadband Internet availability in your home.  A Pennsylvania-based telecommunications company has been in discussion with the County of Indiana in expanding broadband Internet to rural areas of our District and others.  We have been told that there is grant money available to potentially fund all of the buildout of this initiative, but in an effort to be as cost effective as possible, the Internet provider is attempting to identify the areas of the County that are in the most need for this service.  With that said, they are asking that we distribute a survey to as many homes as possible so that they may target their initial deployment to the areas of greatest need.

Please take a moment to review the website below, complete the survey.  As you know, broadband service is not available to all areas of our District, as well as other areas within Pennsylvania.


If you are unable to connect via the Internet, you are asked to call the number below to take the survey:

Phone: 1-855-301-9441

Thank you for your time and consideration of this project.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District.


Dr. Barbara Parkins