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United School District


Substitute Teachers Needed
$120.00 - Daily Rate
Thank you for your interest in substituting in our District. Please feel free to submit an application for Substitute Teacher, Substitute Aide, Substitute Secretary, Substitute Nurse, or Substitute Custodian.

When bringing an application package to the District, please bring along your ORIGINAL clearances and PA Certificate.

Please submit a letter of interest, resume, application, three letters of recommendation, Act 24 Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form, Act 34 Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check Clearance, Act 114 FBI Background Clearance, Act 151 Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, Act 126 Mandated Child Reporting Training Certificate, Act 168 Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release Forms, and current TB results (dated within the last three months). **Please read the Board Policies located on our website click on the District Tab, then Quick Links, then click on Non-Employee Annual Board Policy Review Video.  Watch the PowerPoint and then certify that you watched it.  Type your name and hit submit.  Notification will be given that you read the policies.  ** United requires that clearances cannot be more than one (1) year old at the time of hire. Prior to starting employment within the District, all applicants must have above information turned into the Superintendent’s Office.
Submit completed application packages to:
Dr. Richard E. Lucas, Superintendent
United School District
10780 Route 56 Highway East
Armagh, PA 15920
[email protected]

Only complete applications packages will be accepted. Applications must be postmarked before the deadline date of position posted to be eligible for acceptance of materials.

United School District and PDE require all four pre-employment clearances. Clearances must be less than one year old at the time of hire. Original clearances must be presented, although our office will only maintain a copy. Prior to starting employment within the District, all applicants must have Act 24 Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form, Act 34 Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check Clearance, Act 151 Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, Act 114 FBI Background Clearance Check, Act 126 Mandated Child Reporting Training, Act 168 Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release Forms completed for your current employer and any previous employment where you would have been responsible for a child's welfare or having direct contact with children, have a current TB test (dated within the last three months), and three letters of reference.

 Act 24 Arrest and Conviction Form

This form can be obtained from this site or the Central Office. The form needs to be completed by applicant and then submitted directly to our Central Office. (No cost for form). Form MUST be completed YEARLY by  substitutes, supplementals, and volunteers.
 Act 34 Form (PA Criminal Record Check)
Apply online at or download a paper applilcation.


The PATCH unit will no longer mail out any PATCH check that is requested on the EPATCH web site. It will be the responsibility of the requestor to print out the No Record or Record response. 




PATCH Helpdesk 1-888-QUERY-PA (1-888-783-7972)

All requests for Notarized copies of a Criminal Record Check MUST BE submitted by mail.

 Act 151 Form (PA Child Abuse History Clearance)


Required by Act 151 and by Act 114 of 2006, as amended, for all prospective employees of public schools, private schools and their contractors' employees who will work in direct contact with children. Also required for "student teacher candidates". This is one of three required background checks or clearances.

To be provided by the applicant and reviewed by the school (or higher education administrator) prior to the applicant working in a position in which he will have direct contact with children.

Child Abuse reports shall be no more than five (5) years old at the time of employment.

See Act 114 of 2006 for further detailed information on PA background check requirements.

Following are procedures for obtaining the PA Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance.

You may obtain forms from schools or the Department of Human Services website.

The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance can be submitted and paid for online through the Child Welfare Information Solution (CWIS) self-service portal or mailed in.  If you chose to mail the form, please enclose a $13.00 money order or check for each application. No cash accepted.  Personal, agency or business checks are acceptable.

Clearance results will be mailed within 14 days from the date that the clearance is received. There will be no replacements after 90 days.

Indicate SCHOOL as the "Purpose of Clearance" $13.00 fee.

For status of a request, please call the Department of Human Services, Childline and Abuse Registry at (717) 783-6211.

Act 114 (Federal Criminal History Background Checks)


The FBI background checks cost are $25.25 Employees / $23.25 for.  All applicants will receive an unofficial copy of their report via email (Please note the link is available only for ONE-TIME access only, and once accessed will no longer be valid. You should only access this link from a device that will allow you to download, print, or save your results at that time).  Fee is payable to IDEMIA.  The employee code is:  1KG6XN  /  Volunteers code is: 1KG6ZJ

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has changed to a new electronic fingerprinting vendor, IDEMIA, for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal history background checks.

Federal Criminal History Background Checks required by Act 114 of 2006, 24 PS 1-111 as amended (Act 61 of 2008)

As of April 1, 2007, Act 114 of 2006 has required that ALL prospective employees of public and private schools, including their independent contractors and their employees, but excluding employees who do not have direct contact with students, undergo background checks.  Applicants are required to submit their background check reports to their prospective public and private school employers.  The law also requires student teachers to undergo background checks and present their reports to their higher education institution prior to field experience.  


Online Registration:


Phone Registration: 844-321-2101 or 855-845-7434




 Act 168 Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release

Each candidate must fill out a Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure form for both their current employer AND any former employers where the candidate had direct contact with children. Section I of the forms must be filled out with current/former employer information and turned into Central Office. (There is no cost for form)
Act 126 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training
There is a requirement to update this training every five years.  
To volunteer you are not required to complete this training.


I-9 Form
Form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers must ensure proper completion of Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment in the United States. You must have your form and attachments completed 2 days after the first day of employment.
Nondiscrimination Policy
United School District does not knowingly discriminate in employment, educational programming or scheduling, and building access on the basis of race, color, age, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, marital status, genetic information, pregnancy or handicap/disability.
District Appointed Compliance Officers:
Dr. Richard E. Lucas - Title IX
Mrs. Francine Ressler - Section 504
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Dr. Richard E. Lucas
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FAX (814) 446-6615

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Secretary to Superintendent
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