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United School District

Substitute Teachers Needed

Substitute Teachers are needed at both the Elementary and Junior/Senior High Schools.  
The new daily rate of pay for day-to-day substitutes is $120.00/day.
If you have any questions, please contact Barb Turner at (814) 446-5615  x3301.

On Dec. 20, Act 91 went into effect expanding the pool of eligible substitutes to fill temporary openings during the remainder of this school year, 2021-22, and next school year, 2022-23.

Those who can substitute teach are:

  • RETIRED EDUCATORS – can now fill teacher vacancies on an emergency or short-term basis without impacting their pension benefits
  • EDUCATORS WITH INACTIVE CERTIFICATES - can substitute for 180 days during the school year.
  • UNITED and ARIN Guest Teachers - Bachelor Degree individuals who attend training events at either United or ARIN.
  • SOON-TO-BE-COLLEGE GRADUATES - future educators who have completed all the requirements except a praxis exam (and have not yet received their diplomas) can now substitute. 
  • CLASSROOM MONITORS- any individual who is 25 years or older and has 60 college credits and completed a classroom management course through ARIN or another PA Intermediate Unit may serve as a “classroom monitor."