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United School District

Kovach, Lori

Ms. Kovach

Welcome Students and Parents,

My goal is to assist and encourage all students to stay healthy and safe so that they can be successful in school. The School Health program facilitates the healthy growth and development of the student population. The program prevents and detects health problems and maintains and improves the health status of students. The services provided to the students are as follows: medical and dental examinations, state mandated health screenings (growth, BMI, vision, hearing and scoliosis) at specified intervals, nursing services including the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, first aid, medication administration (per physician orders only), health counseling and health promotion, maintenance of student health records and assessment for school immunizations. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

I am a member of the Student Assistance Program team. This team works with students exhibiting problems in the educational setting and helps connect referred students to available services.
Phone: 814.446.5615 x1319 (Elementary) 814.446.5615 x2339 (High School)

Email:[email protected]